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DESIGN - DEVELOP - IMPLEMENT Customised MS Access We develop tailor-made data base systems that will meet the unique needs of data flow and management information in your company. Data Bases are made to capture, store and manipulate large amounts of data efficiently and conveniently.  This data can then be extracted and used in Excel reporting via the Sage Intelligence Reporting tool.  Our Flexcel team have developed many Access databases to help companies capture and manage their data.  We can help you in creating a solution to run your business more efficiently!  The strength of using Microsoft Access as opposed to Microsoft Excel is that: •	Access is a relational database managment software, allowing for large amounts of data to be stored in one place and reference it in multiple places. •	Changes to data only needs to be done in one place and the new information is automatically updated in all referenced places. •	Multiple users can access and/or capture data at the same time. •	Data capture/access is easier and can be restricted to authorised users.  •	Data Bases allow for history to be stored in one place (critical for reporting trends and analysing data over time), which is difficult to do in Excel, where data is often stored in separate workbooks or worksheets for different periods or products.  Flexcel develop the front end of the data base in the user friendly Microsoft Access application, while the data is linked to a SQL data base, which is more efficient with large data sets and can be used for more efficient queries. We have helped a number of retirement complexes to be more efficient and smart in their overall management and administration, by creating a tailor-made database solution to meet their needs.  A typical solution would include: •	Names and details of all residents, including medical history •	Occupancy history of all accommodation •	Maintenance history of all units, including triggers for painting and upgrades. •	Integration with the accounting package used. Data Bases